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Faith sense

The exhibition with new generation artists
3. Sep — 30. Sep 22
Chiang Mai Cultural Centre.

The exhibition “Faith sense” with new generation artists stories of faith in works faith in what you do faith in love Therefore, it is the work that is our identity. Self-confidence

Name of the exhibition Inspired by the continual gathering of a new generation of artists working on art. Everyone has faith love faith In the art path that I have chosen with determination to work in my own style of art according to the personal preferences of each person. Therefore, this EXHIBITION exhibition group was formed.

It also promotes the drive to drive the new generation of artists in creating works and disseminating them to the public to appreciate their work as well as to increase their knowledge and understanding of various forms of art to visitors. There are both old, conservative, and new works.

Which is considered a contemporary that is hidden with ideas and beliefs, philosophy, or even reflecting on the world’s stories through works of art in a variety of forms.

There are 59 works on display in this exhibition.