Chiang Mai City Heritage Centre was established in 2002. During its 14 years of operation, the Centre has witnessed a total attendance of over 1,100,000 visitors, serving as a means of communication and illumination for the public as to the value of Chiang Mai in terms of the city’s history, traditions, art, culture, and ways of life of the various peoples living together in the land of Lanna.

Chiang Mai City Heritage Centre also serves as a local education Centre for over 30,000 students every year, allowing younger generations to learn about the foundation, history, and identity of Chiang Mai and so develop, as citizens, a sense of pride and affection for their homeland, while understanding the importance of protecting and conserving the city’s value and heritage.

In addition, Chiang Mai City Heritage Centre continues to act as a hub for interaction between people in the community, providing opportunities for artists, academics and activists to partake in various activities, as well as meet and share ideas. By providing meeting facilities and a combination of creative and educational activities, the Centre helps to foster and encourage commitment towards the preservation and continuation of the Spirit of Lanna.

Chiang Mai City Heritage Centre has been operating for many years and, consequently, the media and exhibits presented have declined in relative impact. As a response to this, Chiang Mai decided to establish a new permanent exhibition, prepared between 2016 and 2017, remaining true to the heritage and spirit of Chiang Mai City in terms of concept and content, but adopting a more contemporary style of presentation. In this way, Chiang Mai City Heritage Centre can continue to serve effectively both as a channel for dissemination of information and as a central hub for the people of Chiang Mai well into the future.